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イラストレーター。1980年佐賀県生まれ。福岡大学人文学部文化学科卒業。安西水丸塾、MJでイラストレーションを学ぶ。雑誌や書籍、広告、NYでの壁画制作、アパレルブランドや波佐見焼とのコラボレーション、ワークショップなど、幅広く活動。2008年TIS公募入選、12年東京装画賞入選、15年HB FILEコンペ 藤枝リュウジ特別賞受賞。

Chika Miyata
Illustrator, born in 1980 in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Fukuoka University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Culture. Studied illustration at Anzai Mizumaru Juku and MJ. Her wide-ranging activities include magazines, books, advertisements, mural painting in New York, collaborations with apparel brands and Hasami-yaki pottery, and workshops, etc. She was selected for the 2008 TIS Open Call for Entries, the 2012 Tokyo Bound Art Award, and the 2003 HB FILE Competition Ryuji Fujieda Special Prize.
Her recent books include the picture book "Hotel Yeti". Her book “How to draw almost everything" has been translated into 10 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Finnish, Hungarian, and Vietnamese) and "How to draw almost every animal" into 6 languages (English, French, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Finnish, and Israeli). 


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